New Year’s, producing babies since…well, New Year’s.

There are days when I wake up with my hair on fire, and I know.  It’s going to be an on-fire day.  Back on OB service this month.  SL is different than other residencies.  I am on OB, but family medicine doesn’t stop because of that.  I mean, we didn’t go into month-by-month specialist medicine, right?!  So, on my month of OB, so far, I’ve admitted a chest pain rule out with a very interesting history, a really interesting small bowel obstruction, and four babies-three of whom I introduced to the world.  I have to take a minute, to clarify.  The descriptions of patient’s diseases as patients are part of an effort to provide some anonymity while allowing a picture of my day.  HIPPA, get it?  I hate the thought of only seeing the disease.  I digress.  This month is also proving to be a very busy OB month.  Evidently there wasn’t much going on around New Year’s last year.  I know what some plans were because I caught two babies today, and there are four inductions tomorrow.  In addition, I was STILL unsuccessful with the amnihook.  I’m so thankful there’s at least one box of finger cot hooks at OMC, because the only thing I can rupture with an amnihook is a water balloon in a cantaloupe.  I’ve decided it’s very similar.  Have you ever tried to pick a ripe cantaloupe out at the grocery?  Also, ridiculously difficult.  Here’s the good and bad of it.  It was so busy the charts still aren’t finished.  I saw some great patient’s today.  And as much as I hate to admit it, the charts can wait.  It’s story time here.  And tonight, I get to tell them about mommy delivering babies.  They love that.

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  • Loving it!! Awesome perspective. Great to see it shared. “tis the season!!!

    1 BK said this (September 26, 2012 at 1:56 am) Reply

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