Flaming Globes

The snow has melted. We are in the thaw phase now.  The last year has been a blur.  Watching flakes swirl, dive, float, and finally rest upon the mounds of white.  We have lived in a snow globe.  We have worked to build a practice and a life.  We have completed projects and tasks.  We have been top in our fields, classes, and activities.  We have succeeded.  Then the globe was shaken.  As we settled, we again started the work of building among falling flakes.  Flakes that shift and move.  Flakes that have no purpose or destination.  Flakes that occasionally rested upon us.  Flakes that blocked the view of the goal, the prize, or the dream.  We built upon shaky foundations at times.  Watching occasionally, our perfectly placed effort slip and crumble upon the pile of flakes that rested at the bottom not noticed until the globe was again shaken. 

What happens when you build in this environment?  What happens when walls of accomplishment are built upon snowflakes?  What happens when the figures designed to “set the scene” are absent?  What happens when you build a house of flakes?  Just ask the three little pigs.  Oh wait. Nevermind, they were delicious over the open flame.

That’s the thing about fire. It cooks.  Combustible.  Out of control.  Fire will destroy everything in it’s path if not tended.  However, if you enclose it, restrict it, smother it – it will dim. It will go out.  It will leave you as cold as a dark, snowy night.  You cannot contain fire in a snow globe.  Neither can we be contained.  Albert Camus, French philosopher understands our plight given his work in absurdism.  He once stated, “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” 

We have broken out. We have pushed the few remaining flakes to the side and are basking in the glow of our own flames.  We are teaching our new friends, coworkers, and community how we burn.   While the flakes melt around us and fade away, we rise to the challenge and score the winning point, complete projects, and explore new opportunities to provide care where we are appreciated.  I promise more fodder for the flames in the near future!

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