Cooking and medicine

It’s important to stir the pot.  Otherwise, the stuff on the bottom burns; the stuff in the middle is mush; the stuff on the top is not done. And, everyone goes hungry.

I’m not a chef. Anyone who really knows me, understands I am a foodie by nature but have no idea how the magic works to take glorious ingredients and combine them into the tasty dishes we love to eat. My middle swears I make a mean sandwich. The oldest is fond of my charcuterie platters. The youngest is excited when I make popcorn. Thank God for medicine and for a husband that cooks!

I’ve taken a break from writing as I’ve been busy stirring the pot. The misconception is that stirring the pot has been from a place of malice instead of what it was, an effort to effect change and awareness.

I have been growing, learning, and changing.  I have bubbled up, boiled over, and stewed.  I have clarified, mixed things up, and now am refreshing.  At times, I’ve been on the bottom. Feeling the weight of the world pressing, drowning, and burning. At times, I’ve been in the middle.  Mushed into someone even my inner circle doesn’t recognize. At times, I’ve been on the top. Tough, raw, and undone.

Over the last two years – I’ve fought. I’ve learned. I’ve laughed. I’ve delivered. I’ve rounded. I’ve repaired. I’ve transferred. I’ve cut. I’ve set. I’ve coded. I’ve cried. I’ve held. I’ve comforted. I’ve run.  I’ve pushed that boulder up the hill so many times I have smoothed, polished shoulders where chips used to be.

However, I’m not Sisyphus. I’m not doomed to repeat the same lesson for eternity for bad behavior.  Instead, we’ve been given a remarkable opportunity to create something amazing.  Look for the adventures to come, as we continue to stir the pot and are not afraid of a little change!

“This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook (or in my case, practice medicine – we all know I’m not going to learn to cook!). Try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, BE FEARLESS, and above all have fun!” ~Julia Child

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