Puzzling it over…

Puzzle-Piece_SuccessI spent many summers around a card table with my Gran putting together puzzles. She started at the edges. Instructing me that if you lay a good foundation with the border, all the other pieces are easier to place. I preferred, and still do, the haphazard method.  I find a piece and try to find other pieces that fit. It definitely takes longer my way. I find that as I’m teaching my girls how to complete a puzzle, I encourage them to start at the edges and work from there. However, I still can’t help the urge to pick up any piece and find out where it goes. It is so satisfying to get a run of random pieces together and place that group as one piece in the bigger picture. Puzzle1

Medicine is like that.  You can work from the edges.  We have innumerable panaceas.  There are guidelines and gold standards of care to direct the care. Start from any corner of the world, on any patient, and eventually as you put all the pieces into place, you’ll see the health of the patient bloom. It’s beautiful. Yet, you can also start anywhere. I love that. I love the magic that I feel as I uncover the pieces that were previously scattered now snapped into place. Perfection. Still longer my way.

Life is also like that. Hungrily, I have grasped at the pieces that seemed to fit together. I have pressed and at times tried to force the pieces that didn’t quite fit. Like square pegs into round holes. But it didn’t work. Now, as I find that pieces that glide into place, it seems as if I have been guided into that rhythm that allows first one piece then another, then another, then another…you get the idea. I have now gotten to take that large section and place it into the border that has defined the edges of my life. The structure. My family. My friends. I cannot quite make out the final image yet, but that’s okay. It’s cheating if you look at the front of the box anyhow. And it’s more fun to watch it develop as every piece falls perfectly in place.

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