Deer daughters…

The oldest is reading now. I gave her Homer’s Odyssey for some light summer reading. She looked at me confused. Instead, I gave her Don Quixote de La Mancha. After all, she did start Spanimirrorsh last year in primer. I’m not sure why she can’t leap into reading these texts. They’re the basics, right? The middle duck is now writing letters. On good days, she can copy her name. However, she refuses to scribe for me to help with the new overabundance of charts. Slacker. Finally, the Biz is starting to color within the lines. We are overjoyed. I have put in her application to Julliard, but they have not yet responded.

Surely at this point you’re thinking to yourself how ridiculous this sounds. It sounds ridiculous, because it is just that, ridiculous. I don’t expect the divas to learn something one day and be experts in the field the next. Why do we expect residents to become attendings overnight?

I stand in the dawn of my practice ready to face the day with some trepidation, some excitement, and a whole lot of fear of the unknown. The funny thing is, I know these people. I know this place. I know the computer system. And I know where to find the bathroom. Everyone knows the most important thing in starting a new job is to find the bathroom. However, as I open the doors on the next chapter of this great adventure, I feel myself wanting to hide in the bathroom.

deerTomorrow will be just like the last day of residency. The only difference is that there will be no one to sign off the charts. No one to sign out to after the work is done. The office will be the same. The medical record will be the same. And there is a great likelihood that the patients will also be the same.

The difference is, it’s now my license. The difference is, my nurse and I will have our patients. We will not have patients that we inherit (if we haven’t already). I will not have restrictions on duty hours. There is no next rotation. This is our life. So like a deer in the road, I stand staring into the headlights that threaten to run me down. I do not plan to be road kill. And all those that wanted venison tonight for dinner, will just have to starve.

2 Responses to "Deer daughters…"

  • Awesome Doc! Congratulations! You will be a FANTASTIC doctor.

    1 Stephen Kang said this (August 18, 2014 at 7:16 pm) Reply

  • I have seen the future (having read this a few weeks after the fact), and I definitely need my sunglasses!
    Great job, best juggler ever!

    2 Ed said this (August 24, 2014 at 11:02 am) Reply

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