Happy Birthday…cupcakes and call

I could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.1 I agree Alexander.  This morning was getting down to the business of how to get a job.  You’d think that after you worked hard, passed your Step exams, and gained clinical experience in residency that people would be beating down your door to offer you jobs.  I mean, we need primary care docs, right?! Yes and no.  Depends on if you’re a schmuck or not.  So we’re learning not to be schmucks – because we want jobs.  Well, that and we don’t want to be schmucks.  So it was busy.  I think I’ll move to Australia. The highlight, apart from knowing when to ask the big “money, call, vacation” question, was the cupcakes.  Thanks June.   At Seneca Medical, birthdays are important.  Dr Rampey sings “Happy birthday” to new babes right after delivery.  It may sound like cows dying – but it’s the thought that counts.  There’s something magic in that delivery.  I think it’s the realization that a new life has just become independent. I just delivered my first continuity.  30 weeks with this amazing woman, watching her grow a tiny human.  I love it.  I really just wish there was a time-clock on the uterus.  But I digress.  Today.  This afternoon was learning how to recognize when co-workers have addiction problems, or when you do, and what to do about it, insert SBIRT protocol.  No joke.   If you know someone, and we all did, take the first step-even if it means an extra night of call.   Speaking of, it’s that time of the day.  Birthday or not, there’s no hall passes in residency.  Some days are like that.  Even in Australia.1

1Judith Viorst

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