Good friends and golden weekends.

It’s a golden weekend.  Two days.  No work.  All play.  Golden Weekend!  Those are like unicorns or leprechauns.  To those in residency, the golden weekend is mythical.  Because, in reality, who has two days that they don’t fill with work?  Normally, in residency your every day work-list builds up while you are in the confines of your 72 and fluorescent environment.  You may finish all of your charts, review all of the laboratory values, sign the documents, but there is still work to be done. 

Typically, at SL we have more than our share of golden weekends.  Some may say we have it easy.  (Don’t admit it to the GME, but we do!)  We usually average two golden weekends a month.  Sometimes more.  Say it ain’t so!  However, as third year comes to a close, I find myself spending golden weekends moonlighting, reviewing for boards, and preparing presentations.  There is a point that medicine actually became my life.  I’m not sure when that happened, because the things appeared at onset to be independent.  The swirling of ice creams that has now melted into…one…big…mess.  Venn

In medical school, the kids, (you know, the single-party until 5am-sit through exam day-and still survive med-school), always wished they had my life.  The life of having a regular someone to come home and share in your struggles or successes, in addition to having a baby with her own struggles and successes.  It was a Venn-diagram with me being the only common link.  Slowly, as I have progressed through and am now at the precipice of beginning life as a REAL doctor, there are very few things that lie outside of center. 

This golden weekend, I’m coloring outside of the lines.  I have turned off my pager and left it in the car.  I logged out of Citrix, as the notes can wait until Monday.  The questions for board review will still be there after the weekend.  The presentation can be finished next week.  This weekend, I have a dear friend coming into town that I have not seen in forever.  At least it feels like forever.  The last time we had a visit was sometime in the blur of intern year.

This golden weekend, I will drink wine and monster energy drinks.  I will eat carrots and peanut butter.  I will laugh at our silly mnemonics that saved our butts on Neurology exams.  I will broaden the blue with memories, paint, music, and food.  I will share the divas with their favorite shoe-loving aunt.  It’s definitely a golden weekend.

If you have more than enough, you have too much.
Unless it’s love. Or shoes.  ~NW


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  • Sometimes you can still get a golden weekend even as the attending, but it helps if you aren’t sick! Looking forward to good thoughts about passing boards and clicking off other obligations like research project, last days of call…

    1 E2 said this (April 14, 2014 at 9:47 pm) Reply

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