Snow days = MORE!

South Carolina snoIMG_8510w days consist of a dusting of snow, bare grocery shelves, and the ever present, “be safe on the roads…they’re terrible”.  Okay, granted for the majority of the state, we do not have snowplows, snow tires equipped with chains, or the army of sand trucks.  However, have you been outside?  The most dangerous thing I faced today was a 2-year old going up and down brick steps dusted with fresh powder in cowgirl boots so she could use her sidewalk chalk on the patio.  Uh, what? tumblr_m70a6qnzcS1rnjxnao1_500

While many of my friends have been placed on lockdown by their hospitals, most-definitely violating their 30-hour work rules, I’m at home in my pajamas (most-definitely NOT violating the work rule).  Coffee in hand, I have a snow day.  SMA closed the office for the morning, and our conference was on-site.  Depending on the site, residents learned how to treat frostbite from tiny fingers, how to treat indigestion from eating too many “snow snacks”, and how to treat bruised egos from sledding mishaps.  One of the many reasons SL is the place to train.  I’m certain that my fellow residents are seeing some amazing fractures and dislocations, that the drop in barometric pressure is wrecking havoc on the pregnant population, and that I could use the board review time that conference was suppose to bring.  However, I’m also certain that I have enjoyed…every…single…minute…of my snow day.  There is more to life than a days’ work.  Today, we get to enjoy more.

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