Wards with Wonka

Do you ever wake from dreaming and wonder if what just happened was real or just a dream?

wonkanonsenseIsn’t that a sign of mental illness, not being able to establish reality?

Oh no, I’m in trouble.  The bad news is so are you.  You’ve been having the same conversation with yourself…and hearing voices is another sign.

This morning I woke up early.  It’s a moonlighting weekend.  With that being said, I had an extra hour and a half to sleep.  I could’ve used that extra time.  This last block, the wards have been a wee bit of a challenge.  Family Medicine at it’s finest.  Over the last weeks, we have seen: Cardiac Arrest with post-resuscitation hypothermia care, Respiratory Arrest with management of ventilator settings, Intubations, Acute and Chronic Renal Failure and it’s devastation, HSV encephalitis (ruled out, thank GOD!), babies born via C-section and vaginally, and children with viral illnesses, asthma exacerbations, cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  I made a previous reference to Forrest Gump, yeah, it’s been way more than a box of chocolates and more like Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory! wonka2 And that was just our exciting stuff; we had our usual patients with their COPD exacerbations, the folks with chest pain, and the ones with pneumonia, hip fractures and the like.  Where else are you going to have that combination?!  Nowhere.  This is why I’m staying with SL.  If I haven’t mentioned that, I’m staying.   wonka3

On top of all that, it’s recruitment season.  Medical students are invited by programs to travel to the site that they’re most interested in for an interview.  The residents wine and dine the candidate, i.e. student, and we sell our site.  We tell them the reasons we came, the reasons we’re happy, and the reasons we’d stay on after residency as faculty.  Ok, that last one only I get to share right now, but you have to admit it’s a good selling point.  It’s been a great season of great dinners and great potential residents.  But it’s one more thing to add to the to-do list.  I’m beginning to wonder if the list ever gets done or if placing things on the list is just therapeutic.  For now, it’s another day and one more straw of hay.  Since I’m up early, perhaps I’ll have chocolate for breakfast.  wonka1

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