July 1. The scariest day in the hospital-for patients and their doctors in training.

Why does day 1 always feel like day 1?  You start as a kindergartener, the smallest fish on the food chain, with your new backpack and crayons ready to learn to read.  You migrate through grade school, and the 1st day of 5th grade, you’re a big fish.  You know where the bathrooms are, what days to pack versus buy your lunch, and of course all the other educational stuff you’ve learned in 5 years.  Then, you start all over.  Day 1, 6th grade, you’re the little fish in a big pond again.  And so it goes.  You’d think at some point you would out grow the feeling.  As my co-residents and I high-fived at havinFrank and Ernest-fish and spunkg survived “the worst of it,”  it occurred to me, that next year…I start all over again.


Initiating panic sequence in 3…2…1.  No, wait.  I know. I am going to read this year about everything I don’t yet know.  I’m going to do every procedure I can get my hands on…I’m….  No.  This is not New Year’s Eve.  This is third year.

So, you may ask, what differentiates third year from the previous 23 years of education?  Not a dang thing!  Call last night was only one admission.  Rounds this morning covered something from every organ system – most in failure.  The on the other end, true to family medicine are the newly born, on day 1, just trying to figure out this breathing and feeding thing.   Office, after rounds, was everything I’ve come to love about family medicine.  A full clinic day of what’s behind door number 1?!

This is third year.  I’m going to take full advantage of being in the pond for one more year, (364 days-but who’s counting).



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